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Andy Kopsa

Andy Kopsa is a reporter based in New York City. She has written for the Nation, Al Jazeera, the Atlantic, Talking Points Memo and others. She won a Society of Professional Journalists Award for investigative reporting and was a fellow in USC Annenberg’s Knight Grant for Reporting on Religion in American Public Life.

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Wisconsin’s “Mad As Hell” Rally A Call to Women Voters on Reproductive Rights

Andy Kopsa

Tanya Atkinson, Executive Director of Wisconsin Planned Parenthood kicked off a rally of pro-choice, pro-women supporters on the steps of the state capital in Madison today with this simple and important call, “If you’re mad as hell, say hell yeah!”  The crowd of over 400 responded with an overwhelming, “Hell Yeah!” They gathered on the west steps to protest the Republican held legislature on the last day of this 2012 session.  

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Iowa! New Hampshire! South Carolina! Santorum! God!

Andy Kopsa

While Perry goes straight off to South Carolina, skipping New Hampshire in trying to scoop up votes in a friendlier (southern) state, Santorum will let his boots-on-the-ground team in South Carolina work its magic for him – just like in Iowa – while he traipses around New Hampshire. Let me explain.

Andy Kopsa
Andy Kopsa

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Connecting the Dots: Egg-as-Person Initiatives, Sexual Harassment Charges All Reflect Disregard for Women

Religious zealots form a symbiotic relationship with politicians to pass draconian legislation sacrificing the rights of women.  The zealots get to walk away having successfully implemented a cog in their overall attempt to implement a Christian worldview system of governing and politicians in return get tons of fundraising cash and a committed group of one-issue voters that can propel them into office.