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Andy Birkey

New Journalist Fellow

Andy Birkey covers lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender issues, local
politics, religion and reproductive health for the Minnesota Independent.
He has almost a decade of experience working to empower Minnesotans to
be knowledgeable about their sexual health and to create healthy,
responsible and sex-positive communities.

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Michelle Bachmann: “Pants on Fire!”

Andy Birkey

Rep. Michele Bachmann warned that the health insurance reform package currently being debated by Congress would set up “sex clinics” in schools where students “taken away” to have abortions. Where does she get these things?

Abortion Debate Splits Minnesota’s Capitol

Andy Birkey

Perhaps the most contentious political issue in the Minnesota Capitol remains abortion. And both proponents and opponents of a woman's right to choose will be putting forward initiatives to advance their causes in the coming months.

Anti-Abortion Postcard Campaign Stirs Up Catholics

Andy Birkey

Roman Catholic bishops throughout the United States are planning a postcard campaign days after the inauguration as part of an attempt to block the Freedom of Choice Act. One Minnesota priest is breaking rank, and getting flack.

Minnesota Lawmakers Fight Proposed HHS Regs

Andy Birkey

Minnesota lawmakers overwhelmingly passed legislation last year to ensure the availability of emergency contraception to rape survivors. Under new proposed regulations, those women could be denied appropriate treatment.

Surrogacy Bill Passes Minnesota Legislature

Andy Birkey

A bill to set the ground rules for contracts between gestational carriers and intended parents passed the Minnesota House last Monday, but only after issues such as abortion and gay adoption made their way into the debate.