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Alexa Stanard

New Journalist Fellow

Alexa Stanard is a Ferndale, MI, based freelance writer. She writes regularly for Hour Detroit, The Detroit News, Vital and other publications. Her previous professional experience includes working as a writer in the Michigan House of Representatives and as a journalist for The Associated Press in Buenos Aires. She also spent several years working as a medical assistant in women's health clinics, and now writes frequently on health issues. She is also a member of the newly created Oakland County Women's Commission. Stanard holds a bachelor's degree in history and women's studies from the University of Michigan and a master's degree in journalism from Northwestern University.

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Michigan Democrats Delay Anti-Abortion Bill

Alexa Stanard

A symbolic bill designed to force Michigan state legislators to take a stand on certain abortion procedures failed to move last week, representing at least a momentary failure for an anti-abortion group pushing for its passage.

Michigan Seeking Federal Abortion Ban Copy

Alexa Stanard

The Michigan House is poised to consider a symbolic bill that would mirror the federal ban on so-called partial birth abortion. Local Planned Parenthood staff say Michigan Right to Life is using the bill as an election-year loyalty test.

Health Providers Unsurprised by Teen STI Rate

Alexa Stanard

Last week's revelation by the CDC that one-quarter of teen-age girls have at least one sexually transmitted disease came as no surprise to Michigan health providers, who say such an epidemic is the fruit of a widespread failure to teach teens about sex.

HPV Vaccine Access Should Be Unrestricted

Alexa Stanard

A new study has found that administering the HPV vaccine based on a woman's risk factors could prevent access for the vast majority of eligible women. The study supports a federal recommendation that all females ages 11 to 26 should get the vaccine.