Meet the Global Activists Shaping the Future of Abortion Access

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Meet the Global Activists Shaping the Future of Abortion Access

Rewire News Group Staff

These leaders are working to dismantle barriers to abortion access in Argentina, Kenya, Mexico, and the Global South.

In January, Argentina became the largest Latin American nation to legalize abortion. And it was only possible through decades of grassroots organizing in a country with deep Catholic roots.

Argentina isn’t the only country where abortion activists are succeeding at advancing the idea of abortion as a fundamental human right; in recent months, positive change has come around the globe—all due to the tireless and inspiring efforts of a new generation of leaders.

In this special event, Rewire News Group’s president and editor-in-chief, Galina Espinoza, sits down with four of the leaders driving these on-the-ground movements:

  • Mariela Belski, executive director of Amnesty International Argentina and human rights lawyer
  • Nelly Munyasia, executive director of the Reproductive Health Network Kenya and midwife/nurse
  • Rebeca Ramos Duarte, lawyer and executive director of GIRE, a Mexican reproductive rights organization
  • Marevic Parcon, executive director of Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights

Check out the conversation below—it’s a liberating and informative discussion about the growing global effort to remove barriers to abortion care.


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