All Your Burning Sex Questions—Answered

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All Your Burning Sex Questions—Answered

Rewire News Group Staff

There’s no such thing as a “new normal” when it comes to having sex, sex educator Cassandra Corrado says.

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We’ve heard a lot about the so-called new normal this year: the new normal of working from home, of wearing masks in public, of mass temperature checks, of staggered school days and remote learning and shopping online and virtual dinner parties.

But there’s no such thing as a “new normal” when it comes to having sex. For that matter, there’s no “old normal,” either. Everyone’s sex life is different, and there’s no sense in trying to conform to some kind of sexual standard that doesn’t exist.

So says sex educator Cassandra Corrado, the host of Rewire News Group’s YouTube series You Deserve Good Sex. In a recent Instagram Live, Corrado answered audience questions as a theme emerged: You and your partner aren’t on the same page sexually (thanks, pandemic), and you want know how to get back to the best part of the book, so to speak.

From assessing the state of your libido to finding a sex therapist to expanding your definition of what sex even is, Corrado offers a ton of helpful advice. Watch the event below.