Campaign Week in Review: Clinton’s Pitch for Black Colleges Includes Child Care

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Campaign Week in Review: Clinton’s Pitch for Black Colleges Includes Child Care

Ally Boguhn

Clinton on Monday outlined her plan to help Black students and historically Black colleges and universities in an op-ed for the Root.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton pitched her plan for historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) this week, and we share what stories we’ve been reading about the election.

Clinton’s Pitch for Historically Black Colleges and Universities Includes Child Care

Clinton on Monday outlined her plan to help Black students and HBCUs in an op-ed for the Root.

“I believe it’s essential to support HBCUs, which graduate almost half of the black teachers in America and have helped millions of African Americans gain a foothold in the middle class,” Clinton wrote.

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She outlined how she would help HBCUs and Black students, with a three-point plan to make college more affordable, help graduates repay student debt, and “make a historic $25 billion investment across all HBCUs—public and private—so that each one has the funding to keep creating opportunities and providing more support services for underserved students.”

That investment would include “expanding on-campus child care and creating more scholarships for students who are also parents to make it easier for them to obtain a degree.”

“Over the past few decades, more Americans of every background have been enrolling in higher education,” Clinton wrote.

“But African Americans still face unique barriers when it comes to graduating college,” she said. “Black students are still less likely to graduate within six years, and they are significantly more likely to need to work part time while in school. So we need to do more to close the gaps and give all our kids the best chance to succeed.”

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump also spoke about addressing the needs of HBCUs during a speech in Charlotte last week. During his speech, in which he claimed to offer a “new deal for Black America,” Trump said his plan would “ensure funding for Historical Black Colleges and Universities, more affordable two and four-year college, and support for trade and vocational education.”

Trump did not specify what that would entail.

What Else We’re Reading

Adrienne LaFrance writes in the Atlantic about “the women who paved the way for Hillary Clinton” to run for president.

Members of Congress who cross party lines on abortion “face ouster.”

The D.C. Council this week unanimously passed automatic voter registration. The measure now moves on to the mayor’s desk and will face a 30-day congressional review period.

Trump has used a “legally dubious” maneuver later outlawed by Congress to avoid reporting taxable income.

Clinton responded to questions from Rookie readers, tackling inquiries about student debt, Black Lives Matter, and mental health.

Trump questioned Colorado‘s mail-in ballot system, but the “process includes more checks than prior presidential elections,” according to election officials.

A ballot measure in Maine could establish ranked-choice voting in the state.

The New York Times’ Upshot reports that there “has been no surge in registration among white voters since 2012, and the white voters who have joined the electorate are younger and likelier to support Mrs. Clinton than those who were already registered.”

NBC News reports that Clinton is “caught between key allies” on the Dakota Access pipeline.