Gavel Drop: Feds to Document School Bullying Based on Religion

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Gavel Drop: Feds to Document School Bullying Based on Religion

Jessica Mason Pieklo & Imani Gandy

By tracking claims of religiously motivated discrimination in public schools, the Obama administration takes another important step in balancing the scales between church and state.

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The U.S. Department of Education announced it will track allegations of religious discrimination in schools to address what educators and advocates describe as the growing problem of religion-based bullying, particularly targeting Muslim students.

Meanwhile, New York City’s pre-kindergarten program reportedly has a church-state problem.

The Iowa Supreme Court considers whether LGBTQ state workers can sue the state for workplace discrimination.

Here’s a story of one student who was kicked out of her Methodist-affiliated college’s housing for getting pregnant. Instead of suing the South Carolina school, she got the institution to voluntarily change its policy.

A man with Down syndrome has sued Family Dollar Stores of Colorado, saying he and a group of other people with disabilities were ordered to leave a Pueblo, Colorado, store.

The Department of Justice is back in court over Texas again, arguing state voting officials are violating a federal court order by doing the least they can possibly do to educate voters about what IDs are accepted under the state’s unconstitutional voter law.

Arizona’s new child endangerment law could have some horrifying consequences.

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