Did You Just Call Me a Nazi?

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Did You Just Call Me a Nazi?

Natasha Chart

Anti-choicers like the Duggars and Jill Stanek appear to think women of the United States are mass murderers. Either that, or they are abusing the Holocaust for political points. They need to stop.

Jill Stanek whipped out a dictionary to argue about whether or not Holocaust references are appropriate when talking about abortion, after anti-choice celebrities Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did just that.

Consider this phrase again from Jim Bob’s speech at this year’s Values Voter Summit that Stanek is defending, as he relayed an anecdote about a visit to a concentration camp: “That’s where we’re at in our nation.”

It shouldn’t have to be said, but the Holocaust was not a natural disaster; it was a premeditated war crime. The people who carried out this world-traumatizing genocide were known as Nazis, and they were justly tried at the behest of the world community at Nuremberg for crimes against humanity.

While it’s only implied in their passive-voice arguments that hesitate to name a perpetrator, you can’t have a calculated mass murder without the calculating mass murderers. So who are the people engineering what anti-choice thought leaders describe as a Nazi-style mass murder happening now in the United States?

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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In a country where about one in three women has had an abortion, and a significant portion of the rest of the country agrees that they should have had the right to terminate a pregnancy, I think I can guess who they mean. From the original version of an abortion ban proposed in Bakersfield, California, with its colorful description of women’s health clinics as “local abortion chambers,” I have an idea of what they think of women’s reproductive health professionals.

In sum, I think Jill Stanek just called me a Nazi. And she called you one, too, if you believe a pregnant person has the right to decide the outcome of her pregnancy, or if you are among the roughly one in three women who has exercised her constitutionally protected right to have an abortion. If she means what she says, we’re all deserving of a Nuremberg trial.

This is the kind of extremism we’re dealing with: people who think they’re living in a nation packed to the gills with modern-day Nazis and their supporters.

Either that, or she doesn’t literally believe what she’s saying. If that’s the case, she should pull back from insisting that it’s right to compare the United States of America and, by implication, the majority of its citizens, to Nazi Germany, the Nazi Party, the SS, or Nazi sympathizers. That’s a heavy claim to make just to score political points.