Anti-Choice Activist: Taking Away Choice is Justifiable Because Women Can’t Be Trusted

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Anti-Choice Activist: Taking Away Choice is Justifiable Because Women Can’t Be Trusted

Robin Marty

One LiveAction columnist boils the anti-choice policy to its most basic argument: You can't trust women.

It is the year 2012, and currently abortion is legal. Whether it is accessible is a different story, but legal in most cases is still not in question. With this being the case, no matter what approach either side takes in an abortion debate, the argument still is a variation of one note—supporters of reproductive rights believe women should be trusted to make critical decisions by themselves or with their doctors and loved ones, and anti-choicers believe women are incapable of making “the right” decision.

Writing in response to a story about a woman who says she regretted her abortion and wished she had never been given the right to choose, LiveAction’s Calvin Freiburger argues:

The entire point of living under law is that we shouldn’t trust ourselves with power over the fates of others (beyond a select few extreme circumstances, like self-defense against an attacker). In those cases where we are least likely to make a just decision, we submit the choice to an independent, impartial authority…Modern liberalism justifies its infringements on individual right and private property on the belief that people cannot be trusted to voluntarily fulfill their obligations to their fellow man. Yet when it comes to abortion, they not only allow, but celebrate individuals disregarding the most basic obligation of all.

Of course, we do have an independent, impartial authority—the courts. At least, we do so far. And that independent, impartial authority ruled that a woman’s right to bodily autonomy supersedes a fertilized egg’s right to be born if the woman doesn’t wish to carry it to term.

Roe has collapsed in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

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