Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Breaks Up With Anti-Choice Democrat

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Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Breaks Up With Anti-Choice Democrat

Robin Marty

According to the Minnesota anti-choice group, Peterson's vote for the Affordable Care Act means he's no longer eligible for their support.

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, the state branch of the National Right to Life organization, has long been a supporter of anti-choice Democratic Congressman Colin Peterson, a staunch opponent of abortion rights and a self-proclaimed Blue Dog Democrat. Peterson usually has the ful support of MCCL, but this year they are going their separate ways.

Via Minnesota Public Radio:

Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, a group that lobbies against legalized abortion, has decided not to endorse DFL Rep. Collin Peterson for re-election.

MCCL spokesman Bil Poehler says his group has endorsed Peterson several times over the past few election cycles but said Peterson’s stance on the federal health care law has prompted the MCCL to decide against endorsing him this year.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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“We typically endorse candidates when they are 100 percent with us, but because he isn’t with us on the Affordable Care Act, that’s the case this time around,” Poehler said.

Meanwhile, MCCL has chosen to endorse Republican candidate Mitt Romney for president, despite the fact that Romney helped create the Massachusetts health care program that was the inspiration for the ACA.