Author of Heartbeat Ban Legislation Says Vote for Romney, or Else …

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Author of Heartbeat Ban Legislation Says Vote for Romney, or Else …

Robin Marty

Janet Porter is moving beyond abortion bans and throwing her political prowess into electoral politics.

Janet Porter, author of the Ohio bill that would ban abortions from the point at which an embryonic heartbeat could be detected, is difficult to sway from her convictions. She was told that the heartbeat ban would never be voted on because it was constitutionally unsound. But rather than retreating or re-writing the bill, she began campaigning directly against the lawmakers opposing her, even when they included the leader of the state Senate.

Porter is not accustomed to compromise. When she announced via Youtube that she is ready to finally endorse the Mitt Romney-and-Paul Ryan presidential ticket, it was a fairly bold move. Casting aside doubts that Romney isn’t Christian enough, or far enough to the right when it comes to reproductive rights, Porter chose to embrace him as better than the alternative. “Spare me the emails,” she admonished her audience.

I know the arguments, I know what the Mormons believe.  But I also know what the Mormons don’t believe. They’re not teaching our church members that to get to heaven they need to blow people up. They haven’t declared jihad and they aren’t pushing for shariah law.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Sure you can possibly have freedom in a second Obama administration, but seeing as they are already arresting people for unpopular Youtube videos, I wouldn’t count on it.

Sitting in front of a blazing fire, Porter recounted her five reasons for supporting the Republican ticket, ranging from “Life” and “Marriage” to Israel and freedom itself.

Porter uses the same talking points as those the Susan B. Anthony List and other anti-choice political groups use to claim that the President supports infanticide and “partial-birth abortion.” She tells viewers that Obama will allow death panels to make your medical decisions, “no doubt about it.” However, a major section of her endorsement focuses on the administration’s reaction to the violence that erupted back in September over the anti-Islam Youtube video that ignited protests and caused many on the religious right to attack the administration.

If Barack Obama is given the “flexibility” of a second term, you can expect the internet to be regulated, the dollar to be worthless, the constitution to be shredded, and for the civilian military to show up on your door for speech violations…Either we unite behind Romney and Ryan now, or we tell our children what it was like to be free.

Porter’s five reasons for Romney support are two more than she and other religious- right activists are offering in their “Decree for America,” a new initiative launched by Porter and other extremist social conservatives. But overall, they are much the same: a God-granted quest to protect life from the moment of conception to natural death, a need to ensure that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and the desire to defend Israel and protect the world from “shariah law.”

In fact, other than declaring herself a “Biblical Zionist” as they do on their official page, Porter’s endorsement is almost identical to the views she and other Decree for America supporters express. Among other members of the Decree for America? David Benham, founder of the Charlotte714 project to “assist” and preach to delegates at the DNC. He is the son of Operation Save America’s Flip Benham.