An “Open Poem” to California Governor Jerry Brown

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An “Open Poem” to California Governor Jerry Brown

Lauren Hannigan

Dear Governor Brown, There are a couple of bills on your desk I wish to speak with you about.

Dear Governor Brown,

There are a couple of bills on your desk

I wish to speak with you about.

These bills have caught my attention

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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And the nation’s too no doubt!

You’re the person here

Who has the power to do much good!

Put your autograph on these bills,

Oh I wish you would!


First I would like to say

Thank you for signing SB 623

There is a smile on my face

I wish that you could see!


Before only doctors could perform abortions

Under state law.

SB623 allowed others to perform early abortions!

California cheers, “Hurrah!”


Trained and certified nurses, assistants and midwives

Now can perform this procedure too.

With just a little help

From a pen, paper, and you!


So we’re headed in the right direction

But there is much more to be done!

There is more justice to be spread!

There are more battles to be won!


To start,

AB 2530 is an Anti-Shackling Bill

This is a policy that needs to change

For our fellow human’s good will.


I’m 19 years old

And like you, I’ve never given birth.

But I hear it’s one of the most intense experiences

A woman will have while on Earth!


Under this bill an inmate will not be restrained

Unless a serious safety concern exists.

During the precious and fragile time of childbirth,

There shouldn’t be shackles on any woman’s wrists.


Finally Assembly Bill 2015 has to do with kids

And whom they call, “Mom” or, “Dad”.

AB 2015 is a situation

That is so incredibly sad!


Currently it’s criminal procedure

For a person being arrested

For any reason at all,

As cliché as it is, they only get one telephone call!


What if the one person the they call

Can’t take in their kids?

They’d be taken into the welfare system or a foster home

Oh God forbid!


With just a few more calls arrangements for the children

Would be so much easier to figure out!

“I’ll call my sister, then my aunt, and friend

One of them will be able to no doubt!”


This bill ensures the right to more calls

Regardless if the arrested is a United States Citizen or not

This bill is so obviously positive!

It doesn’t need a second thought!


Think of how your own children would feel

If tonight you didn’t come home

Surely the prisons have unlimited minutes!

AB 2015 allows parents to use the phone!


Oh Governor Brown I hope my poetic words

Have persuaded you a bit

These three bills make perfect sense

And are quite constitutionally fit!


Meditate on the goodness

And beauty each of these bills will allow!

I’ve argued my argument

The decision rests in your hands now.



In Solidarity,


Lauren Hannigan