Man Planning to Murder Planned Parenthood Doctor Ruled Competent To Stand Trial

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Man Planning to Murder Planned Parenthood Doctor Ruled Competent To Stand Trial

Robin Marty

It's been over a year since the Richard Lang was arrested, but now he may finally go to trial.

In May of 2011, Wisconsin man Richard Lang was arrested after he shot the walls in a Madison hotel. Lang admitted his plans to go to the local Planned Parenthood clinic and murder the doctor who provides abortions there and was arrested on both state and federal charges.

Now, Lang has finally been ruled competent to stand trial.

Via Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune:

A Marshfield man accused of planning to kill a doctor at a Madison abortion clinic was found competent Thursday by a Dane County judge to stand trial.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Ralph W. Lang, 64, had been found incompetent two months ago and was committed to a state mental health facility in Madison for treatment to restore his competency. On Thursday, Dane County Circuit Judge David Flanagan found Lang competent after psychologist Dr. Laurence Trueman presented his mental evaluation and was questioned by Assistant District Attorney Robert Kaiser and Lang’s attorney Eric Schulenburg.

Flanagan concluded that Lang can understand the charge and proceedings against him and is capable of assisting with his defense, the legal threshold for competency in criminal matters.

Lang’s planned murder signaled the beginning of escalating violence against clinics and providers in the state. Francis Grady was found guilty of guilty of federal arson for trying to burn down another Wisconsin Planned Parenthood in April of 2012. Grady will be sentenced in the fall.

Lang returns to court August 3rd.