Ohio’s Fertilized Eggs As People Attempt Fails For 2012

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Ohio’s Fertilized Eggs As People Attempt Fails For 2012

Robin Marty

The deadline has passed and Personhood Ohio failed to gather anywhere near the necessary signatures needed for an amendment.

Although the Ohio legislature may never have seen an abortion ban they didn’t love, the same doesn’t appear true for the residents of the state itself. Despite all of their effort, Personhood Ohio has failed to get enough signatures on their petitions to have a vote on whether the state constitution should be amended to declare a fertilized egg as a person with the same rights as born people.

And they missed it by a lot.

Via the Associated Press:

The group had collected only about 30,000 of the roughly 385,000 signatures required to be submitted to state officials on Wednesday for a chance to appear on November ballots, said Patrick Johnston, the director of Personhood Ohio.

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The group pledged to continue seeking signatures ahead of 2013, but the shortfall was another setback for what has become known as the “personhood” movement.

“I did not get enough (signatures) in the mail today,” Johnston said Tuesday. “It’s going to take a little longer.”

Perhaps the alleged growing momentum of the so-called “personhood movement” isn’t as growing as they claim.