CNN Concludes Rachel Maddow Was Right In Gender Pay Gap Debate With Alex Castellanos

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CNN Concludes Rachel Maddow Was Right In Gender Pay Gap Debate With Alex Castellanos

Michael Hayne

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and reporter Lisa Sylvester did a thorough fact-check of all the points made in the recent debate between Alex Castellanos and Rachel Maddow on pay inequity and found that... Maddow was right.  

CNN used to be the bland, vanilla network of news that over-compensated for its lack of screaming shrills with really cool but ultimately gratuitous 3-D technology. I mean, who really wants to see a hologram of John Boehner crying. With the hiring of Breitbart spawn, Dana Loesch — whose only qualification is she appears to have an active Twitter account — CNN officially killed off any credibility it might have had left.

Enter Alex Castellanos

Honestly, I had absolutely no idea who this guy was until performing a google search. But what I found was a vomit-inducing mixture of all the smug and smarmy obsequiousness of Tucker Carlson, combined with the condescension and false bravado of Sean Hannity.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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It seems MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow joined a Meet the Press panel to discuss the significance of the women’s vote in the 2012 election, as well as addressing the Republicans’ seemingly never-ending “War on Women.” But when Maddow justifiably attempted to illustrate the obvious disparities in pay between women and men, GOP strategist Castellanos called her out as though she was Kim Kardashian and not Oxford-educated Rachel Maddow; Maddow instinctively found this to be insanely condescending. Being a good right-wing pundit, Castellanos wouldn’t let her speak and interrupted her to claim that no parity exists. Oh, this should be richer than a multimillionaire claiming to be unemployed.

Castellanos argued that not only do men work more hours a week than women, but men tend to go for professions that pay slightly more than women.

Maddow fired back by saying Castellanos operates on a slightly different “factual understanding of the world.” To which Castellanos replied, “I love how passionate you are. I wish you were as right about what you’re saying as you are passionate about it. I really do,” according to Mediaite.

This is where Maddow said Castellanos was being “really condescending” to her, and that her zeal comes from making fact-based argument. Burned!

At any rate, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and reporter Lisa Sylvester evidently did a thorough fact-check of all the points made in the debate and concluded that Maddow was on the right side of the argument.

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