Inevitable: Anti-Choicers Now Protesting At Fertility Clinics

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Inevitable: Anti-Choicers Now Protesting At Fertility Clinics

Robin Marty

Will they have signs that read "Don't Create Your Child?"

I guess this is the logical extension of believing that fertilized eggs are the exact equivalent of living, born, breathing people.

Pro-Life Action League is now protesting fertility clinics.  No. Really. They are trying to block a new clinic in Naperville, IL, and if they aren’t successful, they promise to protest it “just like a Planned Parenthood.”

Via Medill News:

A major anti-abortion group has expanded its scope beyond abortion clinics to include protests against in vitro fertilization clinics.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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“There is no moral difference between those children and the children being killed down the road at Planned Parenthood,” [Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric] Scheidler said at the council meeting, “and justice is due to those children. If that justice is not done by this council today then you must know, that justice will be done through public protest at Dr. Morris’ facility.”

Yes, “pro-life” now means “pro-life-created-exactly-the-way-I-believe-it-should-be-created.”

As someone who struggled with infertility and who has spoken with many women who’ve undergone infertility treatments, you will find no more concentrated a group of “pro-life” supporters than those who desperately want to get pregnant.  Protesting fertility clinics is a tactic that will definitely drive people away from their cause.