Homemade Device Explodes At Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinic

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Homemade Device Explodes At Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Clinic

Robin Marty

Yet another sign that the heightened inflamatory rhetoric around Planned Parenthood and abortion is driving some to violent acts.

A small bomb exploded at Planned Parenthood’s Appleton North Health Center in Wisconsin, according to numerous news reports.  The Green Bay Press Gazette reports that a “small, homemade explosive device” was placed on a windowsill of the clinic at around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night, causing damage as well as small fire. 

The clinic, one of very few in the the state that provides abortions, has been a constant target of anti-choice activists, from Lila Rose attempted “undercover video ‘stings'” to Pro-Life Wisconsin’s “Empty Manger Christmas carols” and other stunts. With the amount of attention being put on the clinic, and the escalating frenzy to try and block a woman’s right to abortion, it was likely only a matter of time before a violent act happened there. 

The incident also points to a disturbing and increasing trend of clinic violence.  This would be the fourth case of incendiary devices being used as a weapon against clinics and supporters in the last eight months.  Last August, a suspect firebombed a clinic in McKinney, Texas.  On New Year’s Day, a clinic in Florida was firebombed in the early morning hours by a homeless man believed to be sympathetic to the anti-choice protesters who frequented the health center.  And just last month, a Texas state senator known for her Planned Parenthood advocacy had her office in Fort Worth firebombed during working hours while the office was full.

And clinic violence just in the state of Wisconsin itself has become a major issue.  Ralph Lang has been in jail since May, still awaiting trial for his alleged attempt to kill a Madison abortion doctor.

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Bombing clinics is obviously becoming the favorite activity for anti-choice extremists, and for every thwarted plot like North Carolina’s Justin Moose in 2010, we’re now seeing multiple successes.