What If You Threw a Public Trans-vaginal Ultrasound Show And No One Attended?

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What If You Threw a Public Trans-vaginal Ultrasound Show And No One Attended?

Robin Marty

Well that's awkward.  Apparently lawmakers can legislate ultrasounds, but can't watch one.

Idaho senators passed a bill that would require all women to get at least one, if not two mandatory ultrasounds before obtaining an abortion.  The bill passed by a two-to-one margin, and is expected to do even better in the Republican dominated House.

Lawmakers are eager to assert that the bill isn’t about punishing women, or exponentially raising the cost of abortions.  No, it’s all about “information,” they argue, even if some of them aren’t even aware of what sort of ultrasounds are being performed or who will be providing them legally.

To “educate” the legislature on the issue, anti-choice activist and crisis pregnancy center owner Brandi Swindell arranged to perform live ultrasounds at the state house.  She surprisingly took the plunge and did in fact perform a transvaginal ultrasound on one of the women at the event.

Too bad hardly any of those who already voted for, or are preparing to vote for the mandatory ultrasound bill actually bothered to show up.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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According to the Associated Press, only a handful of over 100 invited lawmakers actually attended the ultrasound theater.  Their guess?  Maybe three.

If they can’t watch it, or say it,  what makes them think they should be allowed to legislate it?