Idaho Forced Ultrasound Circus: “Who Doesn’t Love An Ultrasound Image Of A Baby?”

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Idaho Forced Ultrasound Circus: “Who Doesn’t Love An Ultrasound Image Of A Baby?”

Robin Marty

Swindell's ultrasound theater performance got a standing ovation -- from those who support the bill.

When anti-choice activist and crisis pregnancy center owner Brandi Swindell performed her capital ultrasound show, only six lawmakers showed, and only half of them hadn’t already voted for the bill. But that didn’t stop Swindell from gleefully performing ultrasounds on multiple women [all abdominally, the AP reports], while quipping, This baby is ready to testify,” “How can anybody call this offensive?” or “Who doesn’t love an ultrasound image of a baby?”

Lots of women, says Hannah Brass, Legislative Director at Planned Parenthood Votes Northwest. “I can think of a few situations in which a woman may not love an ultrasound, including in times of medical emergency or when the woman is a victim of rape.”

“The big difference between today’s demonstration and this legislation is that the women today all chose to have an ultrasound,” said Brass. “SB1387 takes that decision away from a woman and her doctor and places it in the hands of the Idaho legislature.”

It is a huge difference. One womb called from the examining table that she in no way thought the procedure was invasive. “I’d do this every day, if I could.”

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Sure. A woman with a wanted pregnancy enjoys receiving an ultrasound, hearing a heartbeat, and “loving” their “ultrasound image of a baby.” That shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone. But neither should the idea that a woman who is wanting to terminate an unintended pregnancy would not feel the same. And there is simply no reason she has to justify it one way or another.

Idaho isn’t just trying to legislate medical procedures — they are trying to legislate women’s emotions, too.  When did we decide to give politicians that power?