“Conscience Cause,” A New Super PAC, Forms to Deny Women Access To Birth Control

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“Conscience Cause,” A New Super PAC, Forms to Deny Women Access To Birth Control

Robin Marty

The GOP is taking a second swing at the contraception coverage fight with a new super PAC.

The Republican party may not have won the public opinion war over birth control coverage, but they’re willing to try it again. 

And this time, with more money.

Introducing “Conscience Cause,” a new 501c4 that is ready to fight for religious employers’ rights to deny birth control coverage to their employees.

Once more, the talking point is that it’s not about women’s health, but freedom of religion.  And it must be true… after all, there’s a woman in the group!

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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Via Politico:

In an interview Monday, [Republican Operative Mary] Matalin said the group is not intended to be an instrument of partisan politics, but rather to refocus the debate over HHS regulations on the issue of religious freedom.

“I love the Church, I love the Constitution. This is at the crossroads,” she said. “Voters, when they think through this, will understand what it’s about. It is absolutely not about contraception, which there is not a problem. And this group – I want to make this clear – does not have a uniform view of contraception.”

There’s nothing I love more than religious groups getting together to demand religious freedom and dabbling in political issues and races all while the rest of their church organization takes advantage of the perks of being a tax-exempt entity.

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