Virginia Delegate: “Personhood” Bill Effectively Dead

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Virginia Delegate: “Personhood” Bill Effectively Dead

Andy Kopsa

Delegate Englin of Virginia's 45th district updates Rewire regarding the "Personhood" and forced ultrasound bills.

Delegate David Englin of Virginia’s 45th district tells Rewire regarding the “Personhood” and forced ultrasound bills:

The Senate actually took up House Bill 1, the “personhood” bill, today.  Democrats moved to re-refer the bill to committee and carry it over to the 2013 session.  That motion passed on a 24-14 vote.  While technically, procedurally, the bill is still alive, as a practical matter, this kills it.  Moreover, unless a special committee meeting is held to address the bill between now and the end of the year, the bill procedurally dies.

This is great news for all Virginians, but Bob McDonnell’s bullying ultrasound mandate is still working its way through the process.  The Senate “passed by for the day” the ultrasound mandate, so I expect they will debate and vote on it tomorrow.  If we continue to keep up the pressure, we may have a shot at killing this one too.”

Roe has collapsed in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

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