Nebraska Youth Support Both “Fetal Pain” Bans And Planned Parenthood

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Nebraska Youth Support Both “Fetal Pain” Bans And Planned Parenthood

Robin Marty

A new poll of students at the University of Nebraska Lincoln shows that the students may believe in abortion restrictions, but that doesn't mean they reject Planned Parenthood.

One thing can be said for the students at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.  At the very least, they have a more nuanced approach to looking at abortion and contraception than their older counterparts.

In their yearly polling of students on campus, the Big Red poll showed a campus that could separate the fact that Planned Parenthood provides a myriad of services to support reproductive health from the fact that they also provide abortions.

According to the Daily Nebraskan:

Unlike the American public, UNL students have a “nuanced” view of abortion, [Michael Wagner, an assistant professor of political science] said.

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On one hand, a majority of students, 57 percent, said they support Nebraska Fetal Pain law, which bars abortions after 20 weeks on the possibility that the fetus could feel pain.

Conversely, a majority of students, 67 percent, do not support the defunding of Planned Parenthood.

Wagner said this shows most of the respondents are anti-abortion after 20 weeks, but they also recognize that Planned Parenthood offers more services than just abortion.

Now if only politicians could be that nuanced.