“I’ve Never Heard a Woman Say, I’m So Glad I Had an Abortion”

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“I’ve Never Heard a Woman Say, I’m So Glad I Had an Abortion”

Robin Marty

Maybe she's been talking to the wrong people.

When Mississippi was fighting over an amendment that would grant rights to fertilized eggs, the media spoke with many of the backers of the so called “Personhood” movement.  One of the key players was Jennifer Mason, who’s husband Keith was the founder of “Personhood USA.”

Jennifer’s reason for the amendment?  Women can’t be trusted to decide their own reproductive choices, because in the end, every single one of them will regret their decision

Q: You talk about the testimony of women who regret their abortions, but aren’t there a lot of women who have had abortions and never live to regret it? Isn’t their testimony just as valid?

A: I can honestly say I’ve never met one. I’ve spoken at pro-life and pro-choice forums and I’ve never heard a woman say ‘I’m so glad I had an abortion.’ One time I did hear that, and a few years she came back to me and told me she was sorry. I’ve never heard anybody say they regret having their baby, ever. I’ve never heard anybody say they wish they had an abortion instead.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Jennifer obviously never met Marie Annelle, who said about her experience, “For me it’s a no brainer. In one corner we have a fetus, in the other we have my job, my husband, my kids, the roof over our heads, the bills, food, etc. Yeah, no brainer there.”

As Lindsay Beyerstein writes:

If your culture says that everyone who does X feels bad about it, chances are you’ll feel bad too. Even if you don’t actually feel bad, you may feel bad about yourself for being off-script. Of course, if you feel bad about not feeling bad, you’re less likely to admit that you don’t feel bad, and the bias perpetuates itself.

One in three women has had an abortion. I’m sure Jennifer has just somehow missed the myriad of women who don’t regret their decisions at all.

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