Michigan Attempts to Close Two Clinics

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Michigan Attempts to Close Two Clinics

Robin Marty

The state's Republican Attorney General attempts to close two clinics that provide abortion by claiming they improperly disposed of medical records.

Two clinics in Michigan are in danger of being closed after Attorney General Bill Schuette filed suits claiming they improperly disposed of medical records.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

Schuette said in a statement that he is asking state health officials to review evidence suggesting improper records disposal. Schuette also said at least half of procedures performed at the clinics were abortions, which if true would mean the clinics would face more stringent regulations.

“To ensure accountability and patient safety, Michigan law requires medical facilities to be incorporated with a licensed medical professional at the helm,” Schuette said. “Strict enforcement of the law ensures medical clinics cannot put profit ahead of responsible patient care.”

The Lansing clinic was subject of an investigation last year, after anti-abortion activists claimed that they found bags of discarded fetuses and fetal remains in the dumpsters at the site.  At the time, the AG said there was no documents found that violated HIPAA regulations.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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