Are These Clinic Supporters Really “Dancing In The Streets?”

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Are These Clinic Supporters Really “Dancing In The Streets?”

Robin Marty

Pro-Life Wisconsin releases a video trying to claim clinic escorts "danced in the streets" after an ambulance came to the center.

Pro-Life Wisconsin has a habit of doing anything in its power to try and persuade the general population that its radical anti-choice, anti-sex-ed, anti-birth control agenda is “caring” and that reproductive health rights and the ability to control pregnancy is “evil.”  So it’s no wonder that they are now claiming that clinic escorts “danced in the street” after a “botched abortion” at a Wisconsin clinic.

According to the Pro-Life Wisconsin press release, “AMS staff can be seen laughing, dancing and doing the limbo as the woman was taken away. One AMS staffer even threatened vigilers, saying, ‘You’re lucky it isn’t you in the hospital.’”

Except the video (which includes a few very obvious cuts and therefore gives us no real idea of how long the cameraman was actually filming) shows a very different story — no limbo, no woman being taken away, no ambulance.  Just a group of people waiting at the clinic door who all walk away together as it closes.

No wonder the other anti-choice organizations in the state are trying to distance themselves from this group.

Roe has collapsed in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

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