Planned Parenthood: Stealing Children’s Souls, One By One

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Planned Parenthood: Stealing Children’s Souls, One By One

Robin Marty

A meeting on how to stop the reproductive clinic from expanding in Nebraska got a little odd...

Opponents of a potential Planned Parenthood expansion in Nebraska know that stopping the clinic is more than a matter of cutting off funds to a group that also performs abortions. 

No, this is a battle of good versus evil.

Via The Lexington Clipper:

Jim Sedlak, vice president of the American Life League and founder of Stop Planned Parenthood International, spoke Thursday to more than 30 people at Trinity Presbyterian Church about the history of Planned Parenthood, the goals of the organization and why it would like to come to Kearney.

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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“Planned Parenthood is not only after your child’s money, but after their soul,” he said.

Sedlak said Planned Parenthood’s primary goals have always been to allow people to engage in uninhibited sex and provide birth control that he said prevents birth, such as abortion. The organization also targets young people in high school and college, he said, and tries to tell communities that young people having sex is normal.

“Premarital sexual activity among young people is a sin,” Sedlak said. “They won’t say that, but you will and I will.”

I heard they eat the hearts of young kittens, too.