Come For a Trim, Stay For a Conversion!

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Come For a Trim, Stay For a Conversion!

Robin Marty

If you like to tell your hair dresser everything, you might want to stay away from the topic of abortion.

They counsel on the sidewalks outside clinics. They buy giant billboards and stand on the streets with graphic signs.  But did you think you were safe at the hair salon?

Think again.

A new venture is setting out to convince hairstylists to advocate against a woman’s right to choose to have an abortion while they are doing perms and highlights. Because nothing is better than a captive audience who is afraid you might shave them bald.

Via Lifesitenews:

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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According to the organizers of the “Samson Project” – named for the long-haired Nazirite of the Old Testament – over 1,000 people committed to watching their DVD, and talking about abortion’s tragic impact on the black community in their shops.

At a booth set up among displays of blow dryers, hair buzzers and samples of creams and lotions at the Bronner Brothers Int. Hair show, the Samson Project offered something completely different. Under a banner reading “Life Talks,” pro-life workers handed out folders with information on the disproportionately high abortion rates for black women, a copy of MAAFA 21, the documentary on black genocide in 21st century America, and a window decal for their shops.

Christina [Martin, who is the director of Bound4Life Atlanta] observed that for many women a trip to the beauty salon something that they do regularly, and countless men find “rest and comfort” as they sit back in their barber’s chair, listening to the conversations and laughing with friends.

“There’s a real sense of community and togetherness as conversations ring high over the noise of blow dryers and buzzers,” Christina remarked. “I’ve heard a variety of topics discussed, celebrity marriages, family issues, frustrations with government and whatever else captured their attention, but one thing that was never brought up was the issue of abortion. That was something they simply didn’t talk about. Thankfully, that is now about to change in shops across our nation.”

So be sure to check the window before you walk inside.  You might be in for more than a shave and a haircut.