Jim Bob Duggar Against Abortion — Go Figure

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Jim Bob Duggar Against Abortion — Go Figure

Robin Marty

That Duggar's against abortion was probably a given.  His push to elect more Christian Conservatives to office, on the other hand....

Any man with 18 kids is probably likely to be against a woman’s right to choose (and, obviously, birth control).  But Jim Bob Duggar has a new mission, too. 

Electing Christians to office.

Via OneNewsNow:

He tells OneNewsNow he is a part of a coalition from his home state of Arkansas that has been trying to find the best approach to ending abortion.
“We’ve put together a lot of ideas, but we think probably the main thing that needs to be done throughout the nation is…not worry about the political parties as much but we need to elect conservative Christians,” says Duggar. “We need to recruit conservative Christians to run for office — and we believe that if we will do that and get behind them they can actually make the difference in our nation.”

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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Does this mean Jim Bob is about to run for office again?

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