House Republicans Attempt a Return of the Global Gag Rule

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House Republicans Attempt a Return of the Global Gag Rule

Robin Marty

Apparently two years is too long to be ungagged.

House Republicans are continuing their legacy of passing red meat bills that have no chance of becoming law, simply to appease their anti-choice base.  This time, they are attempting to bring back the pre-2009 global gag rule that forbids federal aid money going to any group that so much as mentions the word abortion.

Even if that could harm more women than abortion allegedly does.

The Washington Post reports:

The committee turned back an effort by the top Democrat, Rep. Howard Berman of California, to strike the abortion provision. The vote was 25-17.

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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Berman complained that the policy “prevents poor women and families around the world from gaining access to essential information and health care services.” He added that the provision bars all assistance, including funds for HIV and AIDS, child survival, education and water and sanitation.

Luckily, the rule is expected to die in the senate.

(H/T Feministing)

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