Is the New “Teen-Run” Anti-Girl Scout Website Really a Front for Mom?

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Is the New “Teen-Run” Anti-Girl Scout Website Really a Front for Mom?

Robin Marty

Everyone is talking about the teen girls who started the website condemning the Girl Scouts of America.  But it's mostly their mom's, a former troop leader, mission.

Did you hear about the new website from two teen sisters in Texas that condemns the Girl Scouts of America and their nasty feminist, pro-abortion slant?

Yes, SpeakNowGirlScouts is suddenly on everyone’s radar, and Sydney and Tess Volanski are the new darlings of the anti-abortion crew.

But is that really them writing, or just a rehash of all of the emails, info sheets and facebook posts with which their mother, Christy Volanski has been inundating the web for over a year?

Christy Volanski joined her daughter on a radio show earlier this week as she talked about the new site.  Poor Tess apparently didn’t make the cut for the radio interview.  But it would make sense to have Christy on instead.  After all, as a mother who acted as her daughter’s Girl Sout Troop leader for three years, she should have a lot of knowledge about the subject matter being discussed.

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A LOT of knowledge.  Christy has been bouncing from Pro-Catholic internet message boards to Facebook, and doing interviews with her daughter Sydney on the radio as early as the beginning of April.  Prior to that, she was pushing her anti-Girl Scouts agenda on her own, on other Christian radio shows.  And even before that, way back in January, Christy was “contacting Abby to see if she can help us with more facts linking PP to GS. May God bless her for her amazing courage!” according to “Make The Girl Scouts Clean Again,” a facebook page she was highly active in discussions on.

In fact, Christy actually pulled her girls out of their troops all the way back in March of 2010.  It’s been at least 14 months since either one was a Girl Scout.

Still, outraged mother and former troop leader isn’t nearly the media hook that “teen sisters who used to be Scouts” is.  No wonder Christy isn’t in the blog and got replaced by Tess.

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