New Doctor in Kansas Being Threatened By Anti-Abortionists

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New Doctor in Kansas Being Threatened By Anti-Abortionists

Robin Marty

Even after agreeing not to do abortions in Witchita, Dr. Mila Means is being threatened with violence.

Dr. Mila Means agreed to not do abortions in her office after a judge ruled that her landlord was allowed to terminate her lease due to potential “nuisance” issues from being protested by anti-choice activists.  Yet, even not performing abortions, Dr. Means is still being threatened, much as her predecessor Dr. George Tiller was before her.


Documents filed Thursday in U.S. District Court allege that Angel Dillard, of Valley Center, violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act when she mailed a letter to Dr. Mila Means.

Officials released a copy of the letter, which says thousands of people are looking into the doctor’s background and studying her habits, routines, address, car and friends. It also states the doctor should check under her car daily for explosives.

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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Dillard is now under a restraining order and is not allowed to come near the doctor’s work, home, or car, nor have any sort of contact with her.  But can you really expect someone who sends death threats to go away just because the police told her to stop?

First they protest, then they threaten.  We all have seen exactly how the violence escalates after that.