California Man Arrested For Clinic Attack, Washington Man Sued For FACE Violation

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California Man Arrested For Clinic Attack, Washington Man Sued For FACE Violation

Robin Marty

Clinic violence and harassment has been increasing, and two men are charged this weekend in separate cases.

Clinic threats and violence have been increasingly rapidly in the last few years as anti-choice activists have become more bold in their harassment and outright attacks on reproductive health centers.  But one center in California, a victim of an arson attempt last fall, may be able to rest a little easier now that the alleged perpetrator has been found.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle:

The FBI has arrested a 37-year-old school bus driver suspected of vandalizing a central California mosque and firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic last year, authorities said.

Donny Eugene Mower, of Madera, was to be arraigned Thursday on two federal arson charges in the Sept. 2 attack on the Madera Planned Parenthood, local and federal officials said.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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The clinic was damaged and had to remain shut for two days after someone threw an explosive device through a window. A sign left outside read, “Murder Our Children? We have a ‘choice’ too. Let’s see if you can burn just as well as your victims,” according to a criminal complaint the FBI filed this week in support of criminal charges.

Mower, who also attacked a mosque and a United Methodist church that was too “friendly” to homosexuals, signed his notes ABN, referring to the American Nationalist Brotherhood.

Meanwhile, in a separate case on the West Coast, an anti-abortion activist in Washington has been charged with FACE (Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances) Act violation for breaking into the exam room of a reproductive healthcare clinic and calling the staff “baby-killers” before being removed.

From the Seattle Post Intelligencer:

Writing the court, [Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael] Diaz said [John C.] Kroack became irate and tried to force his way into the clinic exam area. Diaz contended Kroack kicked and slammed himself into the door several times while shouting.

“You baby killers!” Kroack is alleged to have yelled. “You are all going to hell for being murderers.”

Diaz said one nurse was forced to hold the door closed out of fear that Kroack would break it down. Staff at the center rushed to a “safe room” and waited for police to arrive.

Officers arrived to find Kroack still beating on the door, the federal prosecutor continued. On leaving, Kroack allegedly told officer they “need to watch this place.”

A search of Kroack’s car uncovered a machete and several duffel bags containing netting, cord, tools and camouflage clothing, according to the complaint.

Should Kroack be found guilty, he will be permanently barred from the center and could face a $10,000 fine.