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Dear Live Action…


Since when did the abortion debate leave the real world and enter the Real World©?

Since when did the abortion debate leave the real world and enter the Real World©?  Why is Live Action even pretending this is about child sex trafficking? And WHY are their deceptive tactics, which have even offended some of the Pro-Life movement’s biggest supporters, even mentioned in media and legislative talks about Title X.

But seriously, I want to thank Live Action…as a person who recently cancelled her cable, it is always good to know I can always turn to radical anti-abortion groups for the ridiculousness that I love crave need!

Let me set the scene…which I will call “Operation Down with Abortion Planned Parenthood Women’s Rights Sex Trafficking”:

A man walks in and pretends to be a pimp. He strokes his oversized fur coat and tips his fedora. (Oh no! Scratch that. That was last season’s costume!) In walks his prostitute. Proceed to deceptive, leading questions that combine to form a trap so clever that only someone as stupid or corrupt as those leading this masquerade would fall into-Thank you Amy Woodruff!

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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Now back to the office for a little editing and to plan how we perfectly time the release of our “evidence” to maximize the impact on
the legislative proceedings on funds that DO NOT actually fund abortions the war against sex trafficking of minors (which BTW is in NOO WAY similiar to how we accused Planned Parenthood of failing to report the incident in a timely maner).


Now what does all this effort amount to you may ask?-a handful of videos that show employees informing citizens of current laws and rights to obtain care, a new retraining program for managers who may deal with ACTUAL traffickers or pimps…..and ah tarnishing the name of an organization who yearly serves more than three million women nationwide, one million more oversees, and educates more than 1.2 million teens with medically accurate information. An organization whose abortion services only make up 3% [none of which is paid for by the funds under attack] of services they provide for our women and girls. An organization which provides women and girls with ability to exercise their right to health, their right to plan when and if they have a baby, and their right to access healthcare despite the depths of their pockets.

Yes, yes LiveAction- we all know you found a few bad apples. But, are we really going to let them define a company which is responsible for the aformentioned good?

And, IF Live Action cared about sex trafficking [I mean really cared] maybe the time, effort, and resources spent scheming, lying, and PRETENDING should have been spent ACTUALLY fighting the real bad guys who commit real crimes. Not the “bad guys” who aided and abetted sex traffickers by reporting the incidents and cooperating with the authorities (you know, those who actually should be doing the investigating).

So I guess all of this is to say that while these videos may lack the things we all know make reality TV great [houswives, cleverly placed suspense-inducing commercial breaks, and the occasional table flip] real world [not to be confused with Real World©] consequences it does not.

So to LiveAction- while your scheme is truly reality TV worthy; please remember you are playing with real lives and real women.

And to the rest of the country- please proceed with caution. Consider the methods to how we have come to this place. And, remember [like talk] video editing software and poorly concocted plans are cheap and easy to come by.

Healthcare is not.


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