Expect More “Action” From Live Action Come 2011

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Expect More “Action” From Live Action Come 2011

Robin Marty

The anti-choice "undercover" Live Action group is announcing it has big plans for 2011.

Despite the criticism of misleading editing and deceptive tactics, Live Action, a “James O’Keefe” style gotcha group focused on attempting to find reproductive health clinics that they claim aren’t following state laws, has announced they will be coming back strong in 2011.

Via Lifenews.com:

Now, Live Action is preparing to launch several major investigations of the abortion industry next year and launching a new fundraising campaign designed to cover the expenses associated with it.

“Our previous investigations have revealed shocking video evidence against commercialized abortion and prompted legislators and law enforcement to hold Planned Parenthood accountable,” says president Lila Rose.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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She told LifeNews.com: “With recent unprecedented pro-life gains in state and local government, now is a critical time for the pro-life movement to keep the pressure on the abortion industry.”

Live Action’s favorite tactic, sending in a young-looking woman to pretend she is under age and then accuse clinics of not reporting statutory rape cases, has been used to attack multiple clinics across the country in an effort to defund women’s reproductive health projects.  With a new plan underway for 2011, one can only expect more of the same.

It’s not enough to have women’s reproductive health under attack by congress, local state legislatures, protesters, picketers and sidewalk counselors.  Now we get to add even more vigilante “investigators” into the mix.

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