Top of the News: Afternoon Edition

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Top of the News: Afternoon Edition

Amie Newman

Teen girls are facing discimination in athletics, a transgender inmate vows to continue lawsuit against the state, the Massachusetts House sees a growing number of anti-choice lawmakers and more in today's afternoon round-up!

Today’s afternoon news on reproductive justice related issues being discussed around the web:

  • The National Women’s Law Center has filed 12 complaints with the Department of Education against 12 school districts where, they contend, high school girls are not given equal opportunity to play sports. Learn more about the campaign, Rally for Girls’ Sports: She’ll Win More Than A Game.
  • It looks like Massachusetts has lost some pro-choice lawmakers to those who oppose reproductive rights access, in the state’s House of Representatives. There is still a “slim” pro-choice majority in the chamber. 
  • A transgender inmate in a Wisconsin state prison, formerly known as Scott Konitzer and now known as Donna Dawn, says she was forced to settle a lawsuit she brought to compel the state to pay for her sex change operation. As part of the agreement she would have needed to continue to be housed in the male prison but would have been provided with a private shower and toilet, would be forgiven $5000 in debt and would provide medication to fight baldness. Not unsurprisingly, she doesn’t want to settle on these terms.
  • In their post-election report released today, the Ballot Initiative Strategy Center says the right-wing “failed” to use anti-reproductive justice ballot measures as wedge issues in states with key candidate races.