There She Is…Miss Liberty America….

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There She Is…Miss Liberty America….

Robin Marty

Tea Partiers already want their own party, candidates and constitution.  Now they want their own beauty pageant.

Tired of vapid beauty pageants where the competitors talk about world peace and human rights?  Want to see more women wear camouflage evening gowns and red, white and blue bikinis?  Well, you’re in luck!  The Miss Liberty America Pageant is on its way!

Alicia Hayes-Roberts is the creator of MISS LIBERTY AMERICA which is dedicated to discovering America’s elite feminine patriots and giving them the opportunity on a national stage to showcase their patriotism, intelligence, talent, and beauty. The ultimate mission is to promote Liberty, the military, and the documents of our founding fathers. The contestants will be judged in categories of personal interview, swimsuit, evening gown, beauty, talent, questions regarding the documents of America’s founding fathers, and Marksmanship! This will be the first pageant of its kind to introduce competency in the handling, safety and use of firearms, and CPR! The contestants must be able to save a life as well as defend one!

A firm belief in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and The Declaration of Independence, entrepreneurship, self-governance, & personal responsibility is essential in preserving and restoring Liberty to the United States of America. This pageant will bring a fresh and modern approach in promoting and reeducating our youth on American Liberties and why they are so vital to our survival as a free nation. The MISS LIBERTY AMERICASM organization’s goal is to renew pride in America!

Of course, there is no word yet if we’ll be using the official version of the constitution for the Q&A, or the new Tea Party version that appears to be skipping a few amendments.

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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Polish your guns, ladies!  I hear you get extra points if you have it dyed to match your pumps.

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