Rand Paul Rails Against Pregnant Women and Medicaid

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Rand Paul Rails Against Pregnant Women and Medicaid

Amie Newman

In his latest rant, GOP candidate for U.S. Senate Rand Paul tells supporters that those pregnant women using Medicaid to access care may just be milking the system.

I’m not sure what planet Rand Paul is living on but in his world, pregnant women in Kentucky who make 185 percent of the federal poverty level are taking advantage of Medicaid funded prenatal care. 

Republican GOP candidate for U.S. Senate, told a group of business leaders on Monday that “we’ve made it too easy” for many of the lower income residents in his state to access Medicaid:

“Half of the people in Kentucky are not poor,” he said. “We’ve made it too easy. And people are going to say, ‘Oh, that’s harsh, you can’t say that.’ Well, let’s take care of those who are truly in need, which would be a small percentage of the public. Let’s take care of them until they can take care of themselves.

Almost half of the 57,000 births in Kentucky are covered through Medicaid funding, notes the article.  But it’s not only pregnant women whom Rand targets – it’s children, and senior citizens as well. Basically he’s referring to all of those crooks who take advantage of a state’s public health funding, who should apparently be able to “take care of themselves” when it comes to paying for health care.

Roe has collapsed in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

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“Let’s not have intergenerational welfare, and that’s what’s been going on and that’s a large part of this problem.”

Considering Kentucky receives an “S-” (Satisfactory minus) for its maternal mortality rates from the CDC rating 22 out of 50 states, Rand may want to focus his efforts in another direction. And let’s not forget that Rand Paul is one of the most radical candidate voices on restricting pregnant women’s ability to make their own medical decisions; who believes that even rape and incest victims who become pregnant as a result, should be forced to bring the pregnancy to term.