Spooky! Is Amendment 62 a Zombie Amendment?

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Spooky! Is Amendment 62 a Zombie Amendment?

Robin Marty

Although Halloween is still a few weeks away, one Colorado columnist is on the lookout for zombie amendments like the Personhood Bill.

Spooky!  It’s not even quite autumn, but one Colorado columnist is warning the citizens of the state of “zombie amendments” on the 2010 ballot, including Amendment 62.  And frankly, his definition is spot on.

Morgan Liddick writes in the Summit Daily News:

Amendment 62 is a back-from-the-dead rehash of the “personhood amendment” of 2008. And while I have real qualms about abortion, legally defining a fetus as a “person” may not be the best way to approach this problem. Consider: if this amendment becomes law, will a miscarriage in the second trimester of pregnancy be investigated as a death under mysterious circumstances? What if the mother-to-be had been seen with a beer in her hand? Would the provider be an accessory to an act of negligent homicide? Remember, we’re discussing the death of a “person,” here. Cooler heads need to prevail on this.

Well, I guess that does sort of make the fertilized eggs into some sort of living undead. But there’s no word yet on if they feed on brains.

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