New Jersey Governor Vetoes Family Planning Funds Again

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New Jersey Governor Vetoes Family Planning Funds Again

Robin Marty

The on again, off again family planning funding in New Jersey appears to once more be off again thanks to a governor's veto.

The on again, off again game that seems to be family planning funding in New Jersey is once more off again, as Governor Chris Christie announces that he will once more veto any funding added to the state budget.

Via The State Column:

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has vetoed two bills, one to fund family planning clinics, health insurance for low-income adults; another,  a tax-incentive program for homebuyers, saying the state cannot afford additional expenses.

“State spending has been reset to levels that the taxpayers can afford,” Mr. Christie wrote last week. Mr. Christie said the additional spending was not part of the bipartisan budget agreement that diminished funding for education and municipalities, as well a lowering property tax rebates.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Democrats criticized the governor, saying the Republican had allowed spending increases in other areas.

Democrats argued that more than 136,000 patients were served by family planning in New Jersey last year, averting 40,000 pregnancies and 19,000 abortions and saving the state more than $150 million.

Both the state senate and state assembly voted to restore the family planning money earlier in July, after Gov. Christie removed the funds from the initial budget.

Anti-choice advocates are thrilled about their victory, despite the fact that the funding would have been used to prevent pregnancies, and hence abortions, the very thing they claim they want.  Christian Web News reports:

For far too long and without voter approval, NJ taxpayers were forced to fund Planned Parenthood in the state budget under “family planning services.”

In Governor Christie’s FY 11 budget, he proposed completely eliminating $7.5M in funding to Planned Parenthood/family planning clinics. A group of pro-abortion lawmakers endorsed by Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Committee, pushed a supplemental bill through the legislature in June which would have restored $7.5M to these centers. By vetoing the bill, Governor Christie freed NJ taxpayers from complicity with the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of NJ administers control over the operations of the NJ family planning clinics. Every NJ family planning center under Planned Parenthood’s control counsels and refers for abortion. Despite assertions to the contrary from some lawmakers that none of the money will be used for abortion, the funds will be used for abortion because these centers have the mutual financial advantage of referring pregnant clients to one of the three “Planned Parenthood/family planning” centers that perform abortion.

Once more, anti-choice forces show they prefer to have more women with unwanted pregnancies than actually work to find ways to address reproductive healthcare.