The South Carolina Abortion “Compromise”

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The South Carolina Abortion “Compromise”

Robin Marty

Women seeking abortions now have to wait 24 hours, but at least they don't need to make two trips to a clinic.

Women seeking abortions in South Carolina now have a much longer wait for the procedure, but are allowed to make just one trip to a clinic instead of two.  From the Charlotte Observer:

Legislature has approved a compromise on an abortion bill after House Republicans dropped a provision requiring women to make two trips to the clinic.

It expands women’s wait period from one hour to a day after receiving information on the procedure. But it no longer ties the clock to an ultrasound at the abortion clinic, as House GOP members insisted.

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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Women still must wait an hour at the clinic after their ultrasound. But they can download time-stamped material from a state Web site to meet the 24-hour rule.

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