Ankhorite Deep in the Weeds

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Ankhorite Deep in the Weeds


Women "cannot be allowed" to be heathenish and hedonistic... and a defense of Dr. Tiller, along with crowepps' funny summary of Christian sexual theology.

Two comments today to the same would-be slavemaster, user “swl”:

Dr. Tiller was the bravest of men, who had the courage to continue his mission of helping desperate women and their families in the face of terrorism.

I know this means nothing to you, but I had to say it.  I never needed Dr. Tiller, but it was always a comfort to know he was there if I did.

I’ll never understand why you folks who think a woman shouldn’t make her own decisions about her fetus should instead be trusted to make decisions for the child you’d force her to bear. 

There’s only one word for a woman forced to bear children against her will, and that word is slave.

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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Submitted by Ankhorite on May 28, 2010 – 9:30pm.

And the liberty for the unborn part of humanity whom their mothers and fathers have invited to this earth – where is the liberty for these little ones?

The abortion decision is pretty clearly a woman saying she is not inviting a new life to this earth.  And liberty?  What are you talking about, some “free the fetuses” movement?  They are not free.  They are encased in a woman’s uterus.  What liberties do you think they should have?  Weekend passes to go to ball games or something? Why do you keep seeing through living women to fetuses, as if we were transparent fetus tanks?

Now, here in the USA, we are supposed to have freedom of religion.  You believe women are “heathenish,” i.e., not religious enough to suit you, and for that, you’re willing to make us all slaves of your political/religious view. 

A women cannot be allowed to act in conscience, according to her beliefs, when the only conscience she possesses is unenlightened selfconsciousness and her beliefs are hedonic and heathenish.

“Cannot be allowed” — by whom?  Who are you to say what any woman, much less all women, can and cannot be “allowed” ??

Open your eyes to what your beliefs really mean.  And then take another look at your Bible… even Mary had a choice, and consented to her pregnancy.  I hope some day you will grow enough to accept and celebrate the humanity of women.  With these two responses, I feel I’ve done my part.

Submitted by Ankhorite on May 28, 2010 – 9:40pm.
Someone else commented on the same thread, and it’s so trenchant, I want to keep it where I can find it again:

Giving women no choice but to act in accordance with the pronouncements of your Church isn’t freedom of conscience on any level, first because it may not even be their Church, and second because being allowed to ‘choose’ from a menu of one is not ‘acting on one’s conscience’.

No one can deny you your belief that the wife is Holy Breeding Stock and the husband’s penis God’s Divine Instrument and that God focuses His infinite Omniscience mostly on human sex.  You have an absolute religious freedom right to your delusions, however perverse, just as other people have a right to think they’re ludicrous and ignore them.

Submitted by crowepps on May 28, 2010 – 3:21pm.
And Larry Motuz quoted Judge Learned Hand on the true meaning of liberty.