Abortion Access Fundraiser– Preterm’s Bowl-a-Thon

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Abortion Access Fundraiser– Preterm’s Bowl-a-Thon


Preterm Access Fund is raising money to make reproductive rights a reality for women who can't afford to pay for an abortion -- and we need your help.
We are having a Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser that I believe you may want to participate in!

Preterm Access Fund is thrilled to announce our participation in a nationwide event: The National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon! And we’re looking for a few good team captains.

 But Wait…What is the Bowl-A-Thon? In a nutshell, people raise money for Preterm Access Fund, show up and bowl at Yorktown Lanes on May 6, 2010 at 6PM, and have a ball!

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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It’s a great way for supporters like you to represent Preterm Access Fund. By using our online fundraising site, you will be able to set up your own personalized fundraising page to benefit Preterm Access Fund. You can then direct your friends and family to it via email. You’ll also be able to utilize your social networking page (Facebook, MySpace, etc.) with links and widgets! Of course, when you sign up we will provide you with fundraising tips and any other help you need.


All of your fundraising is done before the event. The day of the bowl-a-thon you simply show up and have a great time bowling!


But Why Should I Bowl for Abortion Access? Preterm is a non-profit, tax-exempt abortion clinic that was founded in 1974. Their mission is to advance women’s health and reproductive justice by providing safe, respectful, and accessible abortion care. By leading your own team or by participating, you’ll be making a direct and immediate impact in our community. 


Bowl-a-thon = doing good + having a blast!


What Do Team Captains Do? Team captains lead the charge. They will choose five bowling buddies for their team (so, six team members total). Team captains will also make sure their bowling buddies meet their personal fundraising goals. Captains will be the primary contact for the event.


Sounds Awesome! How Do I Captain a Team? Just register! Once you register, you can use our online system to send emails to friends and family asking them to support your team by pledging increase access to abortion.  It’s so easy! Click here to start!


I Still Have Questions. Where Can I Find Answers? Simply check out our website or our Facebook event page, or follow us on Twitter.  If your questions aren’t answered, don’t hesitate to email Carli Luca at lucac@alum.allegheny.edu.


Now, let’s bowl!