Lilith Tour Releases Criteria For “Choose Your Charity” Contest

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Lilith Tour Releases Criteria For “Choose Your Charity” Contest

Rachel Larris

After generating a firestorm of complaints in the “Choose Your Charity” contest, Lilith Tour organizers have opened up the process suggestions by fans, and have released a list of criteria for suggested charities.  The criteria, however, don't really make things clearer....

After igniting a firestorm over inclusion of several crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) in the list for a “Choose Your Charity” contest, on Friday the Lilith Tour organizers unceremoniously dropped both the CPCs and NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina.

Now, tour organizers have opened up the process and are taking charity suggestions from fans.

They have also released a list of criteria for what charities are acceptable to submit.

Criteria for Candidate Submissions

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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A Women’s charity with a focus on at least one of the following:

  • Reducing violence against women
  • Providing safety, shelter or recovery to women
  • Helping women achieve independence through education and career development tools
  • Providing access to ensure women’s emotional, mental, social and physical well-being needs are been met
  • Focusing on building women’s girls, or teens confidence through experiences in volunteering, education, friendships, community involvement, peer support or drop-in services
  • Offering treatment for addiction
  • Offering STD and HIV education and support
  • Providing rape and sexual violence education and support

Lilith Tour has pledged to donate $1 from all ticket sales from a city’s tour location to a local charity that will be ultimately picked by the Lilith Tour founders from the top three charities selected by voting.

The newly listed criteria do not explain why CPCs have been removed from the list.  In fact, given the lack of guidance on values undergirding any of these services, it is really not clear how this changes things.  Certainly, an anti-choice CPC providing misinformation could claim that it “ensures women’s emotional needs are met,” based on its own ideological positions of what those needs are and how to meet them.  Likewise, there is nothing about offering “peer support” or “drop-in” services that suggests whether these be accurate or not, ideologically anti-choice or pro-choice and fact-based.

Confusion remains.

And it is still not entirely clear why NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina doesn’t meet those standards or if any other state NARAL organizations would be qualified. Emails sent to Nettwerk music group asking for clarification did not receive an immediate response.

Lilith’s “Choose Your Charity” campaign will be taking charity submissions until April 8.