Lilith Tour Drops CPCs, NARAL From Choose Your Charity Contest

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Lilith Tour Drops CPCs, NARAL From Choose Your Charity Contest

Rachel Larris

Without explaination, Lilith Tour dropped the crisis pregnancy centers and NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina from their "Choose Your Charity Contest."

UPDATE: This article was corrected on April 2 at 11:08 am. This article orginally said that New Beginnings Home in Seattle, Wash. remained on the voting page. New Beginnings Home, which is an adoption/maternity organization was dropped. New Beginnings, which does remain on the voting page is a domestic violence shelter. The two organizations are not affliated.

This morning, four days after releasing a list of local charities–including several crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and maternity homes–as potential recipients of grant money from the Lilith music festival tour, organizers today dropped the CPCs from the Lilith Tour Choose Your Charity Contest. Also dropped, however, was NARAL Pro Choice North Carolina in Raleigh, NC. However the Feminist Women’s Health Center in Atlanta, GA, which provides women’s health services including but not limited to abortion remains on the list.

The maternity homes remain including: Maggie’s Place in Phoenix, Ariz., Mother’s Refuge in Kansas City, Mo., Our Lady’s Inn and The Haven of Grace both located in St. Louis, Mo. Critics say some of these are associated with the anti-choice movement (those who are anti-contraception, anti-choice on pregnancy, and provided biased information).

Becky Smith and Katie Blair, who founded the Facebook Fan page titled “Lilith Fair: No money for crisis pregnancy centers!”, released this statement:

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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We are incredibly moved by the number of people who were able to rally together so quickly around the grave women’s rights issue of crisis pregnancy centers. We have seen the removal of the CPCs in each of the cities we listed – Minneapolis, Indianapolis, and Atlanta. The Facebook page began on Monday afternoon, directly after the posting of the “Choose your Charities” ballot, and we saw it quickly mushroom to a fan base of over 1200 committed concerned advocates for women’s rights. We are so grateful to everyone who wrote an article, an email, a tweet, and started conversations regarding CPCs. While we can claim this as a victory, CPCs continue to misinform women and provide medically unsound information. We urge everyone to continue their activism by spreading the truth about the anti-woman practices of CPCs. Finally, we would like to thank Terry, CEO of the Nettwek Music Group, for moving so quickly on this important women’s rights issue. Thank you!

Becky Smith and Katie Blair

Yesterday Lilith co-founder Terry McBride emailed Smith and told her that in regards to the “Choose Your Charity” contest: “It’s become clear that we need to set a criteria which we will shortly release that will resolve many of the issues.”

The Lilith Tour page has no explanation or update for dropping the crisis pregnancies centers — nor for why it also dropped NARAL Pro-Choice North Carolina. We’ll update this story when and if they release a statement.