Thirteen Religious Organizations Call on Senate to Reject Stupak Language

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Thirteen Religious Organizations Call on Senate to Reject Stupak Language

Jodi Jacobson

Thirteen religious organizations sent a letter to the Senate members calling on them to vote against efforts to amend the bill with Stupak language.

Calling universal access to high quality comprehensive health care services "a social and moral obligation," 13 religious organizations sent a letter to members of the Senate calling on them to maintain current language in the Senate bill and to vote against efforts to amend the bill with Stupak language.

undersigned religious and religiously affiliated organizations urge the Senate
to support comprehensive, quality health care reform that maintains the current
Senate language on abortion services," states the letter..

believe that it is our social and moral obligation to ensure access to high
quality comprehensive health care services at every stage in an individual’s
life. Reforming the health care system in a way that guarantees affordable and
accessible care for all is not simply a good idea—it is necessary for the
well-being of all people in our nation.

passage of meaningful health reform legislation will make significant strides
toward accomplishing the important goal of access to health care for all," the letter continues.

Roe is gone. The chaos is just beginning.

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The letter also underscores the principles of religious neutrality in a pluraslistic society and the need to serve the public good over ideology.

Unfortunately, the House-passed version of health reform includes language that
imposes significant new restrictions on access to abortion services. This
provision would result in women losing health coverage they currently have, an
unfortunate contradiction to the basic guiding principle of health care reform
, which.   Providing
affordable, accessible health care to all Americans is a moral imperative that
unites Americans of many faith traditions.   The selective withdrawal of critical health coverage
from women is both a violation of this imperative and a betrayal of the public

use of this legislation to advance new restrictions on abortion services that
surpass those in current law will serve only to derail this important
bill.  The Senate bill is already
abortion neutral, an appropriate reflection of the fact that it is intended to
serve Americans of many diverse religious and moral views.   The bill includes compromise
language that maintains current law, prohibiting federal funds from being used
to pay for abortion services, while still allowing women the option to use
their own private funds to pay for abortion care.  American families should have the opportunity to choose
health coverage that reflects their own values and medical needs, a principle
that should not be sacrificed in service of any political agenda.

urge the Senate to support meaningful health reform that maintains the
compromise language on abortion services currently in the bill," states the letter in closing. 

It is signed by the following organizations:
Catholics for

Disciples Justice
Action Center

The Episcopal

Jewish Women


National Council of
Jewish Women

Presbyterian Church
(U.S.A.) Washington Office

Religious Coalition
for Reproductive Choice

The Religious

Union of Reform

United Church of
Christ, Justice and Witness Ministries

United Methodist
Church-General Board of Church and Society

Universalist Association of Congregations