New Web Site Created as Memorial to Dr. George Tiller

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New Web Site Created as Memorial to Dr. George Tiller

Amy Dempsey

A new site provides resources for individuals to share their personal stories about abortion, donate and communicate with others in the reproductive health community.

A Web site has been created as a memorial to Dr. George Tiller’s life and work. At,
stories can be submitted by nurses, abortion fund volunteers, abortion doctors
or individuals working to make abortion safe, legal, healthy and
accessible to women and girls.

For their safety, contributors’ faces
will not be displayed with their story, but you will see how they came
to work on abortion care, their job at a women’s health clinic or their own personal
abortion story. The site hopes to minimize violence at abortion
clinics, alleviate the stigma that comes with abortion and to humanize
the kindness, courtesy and love these individuals have for women’s

One resource provided by the site is,
which helps women and girls talk about their situation before and after
abortion, and gives them access to information about reproductive
health. The site also has links to Web sites such as,
allowing pro-choice medical students to communicate and start MSFC
chapters at their schools to ensure abortions become a standard part of
medical education and residency training.

Anyone wanting to donate money to pro-choice groups can contribute to National Network of Abortion Funds through, or to Women’s Medical Fund through
Both organizations work to ensure abortion costs are covered and fight
for policies that allow access to abortion to all women and girls.

Roe has collapsed in Texas, and that's just the beginning.

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There are two ways to do submit stories to Contributors can use instructions on the Web site ( or e-mail a photo and your story to [email protected]. Personal information and photos will not be displayed on the site.