Share Your Late Term Abortion Story

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Share Your Late Term Abortion Story

Amie Newman

Did you have a late term abortion? Did your partner? Dr. Tiller's death leaves a giant hole in access to late term abortion medical care in the United States - critical health care. We encourage women and their partners to share their experiences in an effort to help people better understand the nature and circumstances that lead people to undergo a late term abortion.

For decades, Dr. George Tiller dedicated his life to providing care to women in need of late-term abortions. Because of misinformation about the number and reasons for late-term abortions, and because of the stigma surrounding abortion created by radical right-wing hate groups, the stories of women seeking out such procedures are rarely heard.

Rewire has opened this forum to allow women (or their partners) who have undergone late-term abortions to tell their stories, whether using their own names, a pseudonym, or anonymously. It is simple: Use the comment boxes below to write about your story and experience. The identities of those writing anonymously are safeguarded by our system. If instead you wish to post in a reader diary, you can easily set up a diary (and remain anonymous as well) by following these simple instructions.

Because this is a forum in which can tell their stories, we will not tolerate and will promptly remove comments harassing, threatening or otherwise denigrating any woman (or her partner) posting their personal story here.

The Rewire Team.

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