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Choice Words from Planned Parenthood Los Angeles


Join Planned Parenthood Los Angeles in the Campaign for a Healthy South LA!

Hey, it’s Serena from Planned Parenthood Los Angeles! We are new to the Rewire Reader Diaries and are excited to share our news and events with this great community.

Teen birth rates are going down! Both the California Department of Public
Health and the Public Health Institute released reports this month announcing
this exciting news. Our efforts are working – but we must do more. Los Angeles,
and more specifically South LA, still has a significantly higher teen birth rate
than the rest of the state.

As a part of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, Planned Parenthood Los Angeles
is launching the Campaign for a Healthy South LA. We are knocking on doors and
reaching out to people in a grassroots effort to make an impact in this teen
pregnancy "hot spot."

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We have already reached over 15,000 households with our outreach efforts since
January and our campaign goal is to connect with 30,000 by the end of the summer
– we are half way there! Become an advocate for reproductive health and help us
surpass our goal!

You can become a key player in the campaign and help thousands of
women, men and teens get the quality, affordable reproductive health services
they need and deserve. Come and join us Saturday, May 30th. We’ll feed you,
train you – and remember, friends are welcome to come along.

Get the Word Out in South

: Saturday, May 30th
Time:  10 am – 2
Location: Ujima Teen Center
251 W 85th
Los Angeles, CA 90003

To RSVP visit

Please contact 323-388-6483 and ask for the Outreach Coordinator if you have
any questions.

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