Meghan McCain’s Irritating Blog

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Meghan McCain’s Irritating Blog

Joe Veix

In her latest Daily Beast entry, Meghan McCain misunderstands her own party's viewpoints.

Meghan McCain’s most recent blog entry on the Daily Beast indirectly asks of us two questions: 1) Why is Meghan McCain writing a blog in the first place and 2) Why should anyone read it?  Name recognition answers the first question, and as for the second question, there isn’t a single reason. To save you some time, I’ll condense a few of her rambling, inconsistent points.

Her entry begins by explaining how she first heard about sex during the Lewinsky scandal (how timely), and then mentions the apparent "double standards" politicians face with sex, specifically, "who is allowed to have sex with whom, what constitutes sex, and whether it’s appropriate, to name a few."

This doesn’t make sense. Politicians face the same standards as everyone else. All of the recent political sex scandals were breaches in very clear public standards: you shouldn’t cheat on your spouse, especially with a hooker, nor should you ever send sexually explicit messages to your teenage Congressional pages.  Nothing suggests a double standard.

And then she turns to Bristol Palin,

Roe has collapsed and Texas is in chaos.

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"…as an 18-year-old adult, is free to make her own choices and decide how she wants her life to unfold. But for whatever reasons, the American public and media remain overly engrossed in our politicians’ sex lives and, as in this case, those of their families."


The reasons the media is "overly engrossed" in these types of stories is that they point out the widespread hypocrisy
of a pro-life, "moral" politician, and their inability to follow their own strict ideology. What’s really confusing is that right after McCain’s statement about women having the freedom to choose, McCain says, without a tinge of irony, "As a Republican, I am pro-life."

Before you can sort through the cognitive dissonance, she starts arguing against abstinence only education,

"but I want to be sure [my sister] knows being curious about sex is natural, and what is important is to be educated about safety."

And the GOP’s inability to discuss these issues,

"Because the GOP continues to struggle with open communication about serious issues most people deal with rationally, and on a regular basis." 

The GOP doesn’t have a communication problem; they have a different viewpoint than Meghan McCain, of which they are quite vocal about. Maybe McCain is trying to justify her switch to the Republican Party, when her dad was running for president in 2008? But that would be selfish, right?