The Blood on Tony Perkins’s Hands

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The Blood on Tony Perkins’s Hands

Kathleen Reeves

With such a lurid attack on Sebelius, Perkins had better be ready to explain his own complicity in AIDS deaths, not just in Africa but all over the world.

Tony Perkins is not letting Governor Sebelius go quietly into the Department of Health and Human Services. He’s insinuating that true evil is at work here: 

"the ties and the depth of the ties with the darkest side of the abortion industry that Kathleen Sebelius has is very abnormal."

The idea that abortion providers and defenders support abortion for financial reasons is ludicrous. There are easier ways of making money. Oil is an industry; abortion is not.  

Perkins also claims that Sebelius is dripping in “literally blood money.”

Sex. Abortion. Parenthood. Power.

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What kind of money funds the Family Research Council? As a right-wing organization, the FRC is cozy with groups that promote gun rights and war. For example, the FRC, along with the NRA and the Heritage Foundation, is a member of a collection of right-wing interests known as the American Legislative Exchange Council. Whatever your views on gun control and the wars in the Middle East, you have to admit that there’s blood involved. Real, literal blood.

More directly, the Family Research Council and other anti-condom groups have done their best to ensure that Africans—and Americans, for that matter—continue to be infected with HIV. The Family Research Council has consistently opposed the distribution of condoms, even in places where they’re desperately needed. Relatedly, there was an especially stupefying moment in 2005 when the FRC encouraged Africans to reject relief money from an American Episcopal organization. That money wasn’t tainted by abortion blood, but by gayness. Here was Tony in 2005: 

Anglican bishops in Africa are refusing millions of dollars from American Episcopal Church donors who have endorsed active homosexual clergy following the 2003 election of openly homosexual New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson. … No amount of silver is worth sacrificing your duty to your congregation and to God…

Perkins makes it sound like the Africans were going to make jewelry for themselves. (He’s undoubtedly referencing the parable of Jesus in the temple.) Unfortunately, the “silver” in this case was money that was on its way to buy food or medicine or school books for people who had none. With such a lurid attack on Sebelius, Perkins had better be ready to explain his own complicity in AIDS deaths, not just in Africa but all over the world. Let’s not forget that in parts of America, the HIV rates are as high as in sub-Saharan Africa.

Either he’s blind to the irony of his rhetoric or he’s trying to distract us from the great damage his organization has done here and abroad. Either way, Tony Perkins has blood on his hands.